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Jure Lukančič is an attorney at law and founder of Law firm Lukančič. He received his law degree from the Faculty of Law in Ljubljana, where he graduated in 2009. From 2010 until 2015 he worked for several law firms. His practice was focused on commercial disputes, collections, civil, labour and administrative law, he also clerked for the High court in Ljubljana in 2011. He founded his own law firm in 2015.


Law firm Lukančič is founded on professionalism, that begins with a realistic evaluation of the case, especially its cost-benefit aspect and continues with a true presentation of the findings to the client.


Whenever there is news in the case, the firm will notify the client, so that the latest status is always clear and that any needed contributions from the client in the form of additional facts or evidence can be made in sufficient time to promote a successful conclusion of the case.


Attorney Jure Lukančič is a member of the Slovenian Bar Association and practices law in accordance with the Code of lawyer professional ethics. He is distinguished by an individual approach, his in-depth knowledge of the so called classic civil law areas, as well as understanding the legal challenges of a modern business organization. He developed a culture of market pragmatism, as well as the technical and interpersonal skills required to offer a first-class service to the first-class client.

Attorney Jure Lukančič, law firm in Ljubljana



Nazorjeva street 12, Ljubljana

M 041 558 177



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